KingLand Avenue Serpong Apartment

KingLand Avenue Serpong Apartment is 
The perfect place To Call Home.
A home is much more than just a roof over your head. It’s a place where memories are made and families are raised. At home, we find peace. We can be ourselves. Whenever we’re away from it, we miss it and we can’t wait to go back.

KingLand Avenue Serpong

KingLand Avenue Serpong

Kingland Avenue Tangerang apartment prides itself on quality specifications and conventional designs ideal for first and second home buyers looking to build or upgrade their home to suit their family needs and lifestyle changes.

For the past 15 years, Kingland group has been studying compact yet spacious living, which suits the trend of today’s urbanization. Today, Kingland is very proud to present you the First Smart LoFT apartment in Indonesia, with starter point in Serpong, Tangerang. Kingland Avenue is a true pioneer product that minimize the carbon footprint yet retain the functionality and spaciousness of a compact unit. Begin your journey with Kingland avenue and witness the revolutionary concept of smart living.

With only 30% of land area dedicated for High rise Building, Kingland Avenue Serpong apartment devoted most of the spaces for astonishing landscape and abundant facilities.

The definitive architectural style on Kingland Avenue Tangerang is neoclassical, inspired by the use of French renaissance in the design of royal architectures. These styles are recognized by the use of tall columns in the exterior walls, symmetrical shapes and triangular pediments.

Inspired by the Gardens of Palais-Royal, Kingland Avenue Serpong apartment garden is derived from the neo-classical architectural style of the main buildings, the theme of Kingland Avenue Tagnerang apartment landscape design is French royal garden – “palais-royal”, where every element is positioned with purpose and precision, simple and in order.

Kingland Avenue Serpong apartment brings nature to your doorstep with lush greeneries that surrounds your living neighborhood and having spacious private royal garden deck with our prominent lion statue that will leave a sense of noble living.

Kingland Avenue Tangerang apartment provides residents with an abundance of luxury features that brings the character of fine living to your doorstep. With a unique collection of exclusive amenities you can enjoy, you are sure to have the utmost in apartment living.


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